About Us - Meet The Owners

How we became interested in medical supplies.

Minerva Medical Supplies, inc. is a family and friends oriented company that prides itself on customer loyalty and overall value. Our Timely Delivery Service has won us much respect with our expanding client base and it ensures that our Customers can have the products they need. If you are interested in letting us show you why we are the best in business then give us a call, send us an email, or even use our integrated text messaging system that allows you to place orders at your easiest convenience. We enjoy providing excellent service and working with Caregivers, family members, friends, and patients directly to provide our exceptional Brand Name products at the best values.

Minerva Medical Supplies Services The Entire United States

Nassim Essayli

A business Entrepreneur who has worked as a Physicians Recruiter before owning a Wholesale Export Company. Mr. Essayli’s knowledge of Negotiation and bulk purchasing aids Minerva Medical Supplies in achieving the largest brand name Medical (DMES) & Incontinent Supplies on the market. The end result is an overall lower cost for our customers while still offering the best service.

Bing Farjado

Mr. Farjado began his journey as a Caregiver before becoming an LVN, and later being certified to instruct courses on Basic Life Support. Presently, he is managing Residential Facilities for the elderly. This experience has earned him large personal connections with M.D.’s, Caregivers, Nurses, Hospice Patients, other healthcare professionals, and the families that support these amazing people. Bing has been working in the Southern California region most of his life and now resides in Mission Viejo. Mr. Farjado promises to share his knowledge with customers and caregivers to ensure that the proper Healthcare choices are being practiced.

Michael Ballantyne

Working in the marketing and research industry, Michael is an architect at integrating top technological systems to ensure companies run smoothly and efficiently. It is important in this “Technology Era” that we remain current and up-to-date on all of the new advances technology provides us. This allows us to make certain our customer's lives are made easy by providing convenient options for ordering and receiving our medical and incontinent supplies. Mr. Ballantyne promises that our clients will experience an ease of customer service with exceptional quality.

Hector Azarcon

A exceptional Caregiver for 15 years working with an array of wound care, diabetic, Alzheimers/dementia patients and more. Hector has always been the one to take care of some of the most difficult situations due to his knowledge of products and attention to detail. Hector Azarcon has been credited in the published book “Never Give UP” a story about how the author Richard Stevens Survived a Heart Transplant, Multiple Heart Surgeries, Colon Cancer, Coma, and Acute Thrombosis. Mr. Azarcon has the experience, knowledge and resources to help a wide array of Medical Needs.